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Horse Riding for the Whole Family

Come horse riding with us near Perth, Western Australia!


As Perth's premier trail riding location, we at 1800 Trail Rides are dedicated to sharing our beautiful location & fantastic horses with you, your family and friends.


Now located on the banks of the Moore River within the Neergabby Grounds, join us for an even more amazing ride through our  stunning bush and river land.  We have enjoyed heaps of rain this winter, so the river is full and looks spectacular and the bush is lush and green.  We are looking forward to an absolutely amazing wildflower season!


Our Billabong Ride is proving to be really popular and a fantastic way to get the whole family in the saddle, whether young or old!  While the ride itself is condensed, it includes some of the best of our stunning new trails and doesn't disappoint - so if you're on a tighter budget or short on time - this ride is brilliant and you won't feel you've compromised at all.  This is a great ride to team with another activity or two in the area.  Or if you are heading north to the Pinnacles at the Nambung National Park, you'll find we are about half way there, if you are coming up from Perth city.  So try a ride on your way to or from the Pinnacles to break up the journey and enjoy a contrasting bush experience on horseback!


We are now offering private riding lessons, initially offered throughout Saturday, but other times may be made available on request.  Get in touch if this is something you are interested in, and we can provide you with all the details.


We look forward to taking you out riding soon!


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